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New Commission from Voce, Inc

I am so happy to announce that today I have completed a new commission by one of America's finest chamber choirs, Voce, Inc., led by Mark Singleton (who was also the conductor for the premiere of my Martyrdom of the Saints in March).

The beautiful Loch Lomond

The commissioned piece is a new arrangement of the traditional Scottish song Loch Lomond. Maestro Singleton also requested that as part of this piece, I shouldn't put any of the words in, similar to how Percy Grainger arranged Irish Tune from County Derry (more commonly known as 'Danny Boy') for unaccompanied choir (video below).

The premiere will take place on Saturday, 11 May, at St Patrick-St Anthony Church in Hartford, Connecticut, USA at 7:30pm at their season finale concert. They'll also be performing the US premieres of my a capella choral pieces Ecce Sacerdos Magnus and Heaven-Haven. Tickets available here.

Me and Mark Singleton after the premiere of 'The Martyrdom of the Saints.' I'm making kind of a dopey face for being so happy.

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