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Curriculum Vitae


I Vow to Thee, My Country (arr. 2023, Gustav Holst, Sir Cecil Rice

   Spring) - Unison choir, keyboard accompaniment

Preces and Responses (2022) - SATB choir divisi, cantor

Once the Storm is Over (2021) - SATB choir divisi, organ

When All Falls Silent (2021) - SATB choir a capella

The Mount of Olives (2021) - Double SATB choir divisi a capella

How We Love (arr. 2021, Beth Nielsen Chapman) - SATB choir, piano

Ring Out, Wild Bells (2020) - SATB choir divisi, piano

Begin the Song (2020) - SSAA choir, piano

Sing a While Longer (2020) - SATB choir, piano

Neither Do I Condemn Thee (2020) - SSAATTBB a capella

Locus Iste (2020) - SSAATTBB a capella

Kyrie (2020) from Missa Brevis - SATB a capella

The Call (arr. 2020, Ralph Vaughan Williams) - SAB choir, keyboard  


More Holiness Give Me (arr. 2020, Phillip Paul Bliss) - SAB choir,

   keyboard accompaniment

I Believe in Christ (arr. 2020, John Jonghurst) - Reed trio and piano

Wexford Carol (arr. 2020, English traditional) - String quintet

Heaven Haven (2019) - SATB a capella

Weep, O Mine Eyes (2019) - SATB divisi a capella

Loch Lomond (arr. 2019, Scottish traditional) - SATB choir divisi

The Martyrdom of the Saints (2019) - Double choir, soloists, orchestra

  1.    Blessed are They who Die in the Lord

  2.    The Calling

  3.    The Voice that Crieth in the Wilderness

  4.    The Light of the World

  5.    Like a Lamb to the Slaughter

  6.    The Days of Sorrow

  7.    The Kingdom Prepared

Benediction (2018) - SATB a capella

The Labours of the Righteous (2018) - SATB divisi a capella

A Man's A Man for A' That (2017, Robert Burns) - Men's choir, violin,


O Sacrum Convivium (2017) - SATB non-divisi a capella

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus (2017) - SATB divisi a capella

Little Sound (2017) - 3-25 voices

Epitaph (2016) - SATB divisi, organ

O Vos Omnes (2016) - SATB divisi a capella

Mariner Songs (2016) - SATB divisi, SATB soli, piano (last movements)

  1.    Prayer to the Sea

  2.    Young Sea

  3.    Before the Squall 

  4.    Hateful is the Dark-Blue Sky

  5.    Beyond the Sea

A Gethsemane Prayer (2014) - SATB divisi a capella

Winter Lullaby (2013) - SATB divisi, piano

Mass for the Last Days (2013) - SATB divisi, soprano and tenor soli, organ

  1.    Kyrie

  2.    Gloria

  3.    Credo

  4.    Sanctus

  5.    Agnus Dei

Solo and Chamber

In the Bleak Midwinter (arr. 2022, Christina Rosetti, Gustav Holst) -

   Soprano-tenor duet, organ

Abide With Me (arr. 2022, Henry F. Light, William H. Monk) - vocal

   solo, organ/piano accompaniment

Autumnus (2021) - Viola solo

Savior, Redeemer of My Soul (arr. 2020, Orson F. Whitney, Harry A.

   Dean) - vocal solo, organ/piano accompaniment

False Dichotomy (2020) - Cello and Electric Guitar

Fantasy Tableaux (2020) - Harp

Foundation (2020) - Viola and Organ

Phases (2020) - Cello and Bass duet

Meditations from a Cold Room (2020) - Solo Violin

Dona Nobis Pacem (2020) - Solo Voice

Three Portraits (2020) - Solo Oboe

​Weep, O Mine Eyes (2019) - String quartet

As an tSionainn (2019) - Organ and Trumpet (also for organ solo)

   1st Processional: Entry of the Graduands

   2nd Processional: Entry of the Academics

   3rd Processional: Entry of the President


Goodnight, My Little One (2017) - Two voices a capella

Highland Fanfare (2016) - Brass sextet, percussion (also for brass octet

   and percussion)

Midnight Waltz (2016) - Violin, B-flat clarinet, cello, piano

Painting Impressions, Book 1: 'Locations' (2013) - Oboe and harp (also

   for oboe and piano)

  1. The Thames at Westminster (Monet)

  2. Japanese Bridge Over Waterlilies (Monet)

  3. Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Seurat)

Homeward Bound (arr. 2015, Marta Keen) - Solo violin, harp, oboe, flute

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, (arr. 2015, traditional) - Solo 

   violin, soprano, mezzo-soprano

Be Still, My Soul (arr. 2015, Jean Sibelius) - Solo violin, piano. Written in

   collaboration with Randy Slaugh

For Angela, My Dear Friend (2013) - Sonata for violin and piano

  1. Sweetly

  2. Like a Dream

  3. Finale

Traditional Quartet for Piano and Strings (2013) - Violin, viola, cello,


  1. Allegro agitato

  2. Poco vivace, tempo di marcia

  3. Adagio molto espressivo, canto corale

  4. Rondo

Anthem for Doomed Youth (2012) - Tenor, harp, and piano

Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too (2012) - Tenor, alto saxophone, piano

I Believe in Christ (arr. 2012, John Longhurst) - Viola, oboe, clarinet,


String Quartet no. 1 (2011)

  1. Allegro

  2. Lento

  3. Vivace

Two Scriptural Laments (2011) - Soprano and piano

  1. O Ye Fair Ones

  2. O Jerusalem

Wind Band

I Vow to Thee, My Country (arr. 2023, Gustav Holst, Sir Cecil Rice

   Spring) - Unison choir, band accompaniment

Loch Lomond (arr. 2021, Scottish Traditional)

Mariner Songs (2020) - flex band and Soprano solo

Benediction (2020)

Heaven-Haven (2020)

Kyrie from Mass for the Last Days (2020)

Overture to Jonah (2020)

Mariner Songs - symphonic band

   Hateful is the Dark-Blue Sky (2018)

   Beyond the Sea (2018)

Highland Fanfare (2017)

Glacier Peaks (2014)

Rocky Mountain Fanfare (2014)


Prelude to 'Elysium' (2018) - Symphony orchestra

Rhapsody on an Amercan Hymn (2015) - String orchestra

Chorale from 'Jupiter' (2015, Gustav Holst) - Solo violin, symphony

   orchestra, organ

Kindle My Heart (arr. 2015, Patrick Doyle) - Solo violin, symphony


Camptown Races (arr. 2012, Stephen Foster) - Symphony orchestra

Overture to Jonah (2012) - Symphony orchestra


Perfection of the Life (2013) - Chamber opera in one act for two sopranos,

   tenor, baritone, piano.


Piano Sketches (2018-2020) - Piano

How Great Thou Art (arr. 2020, Swedish Traditional)

St. Machar Recessional (2017) - Organ

Lamentation (2016) - Organ

Piano Duets for Friends (2012) - Piano, four hands, one baby

  1. Cute and Simple

  2. Lullaby

  3. For Three Hands and a Baby

  4. Just for Fun

Research and Lectures

"Regional Accents: How the ways we speak affects the music we write."

   Willamette Valley Concert Band Pre-Concert Lecture; March 23, 2024; Albany

   Performing Arts Center; Albany, OR


"Lord, Make Me an Instrument: A theological comparison of moral

   agency to standard musical practices and principles."

   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; January 15, 2023; Salem, OR

   Stake; Pringle Ward


"The Many Facets of the Modern Composer: A brief layman's

   overview of the different aspects of writing new music."

   Rotary Club; October 10, 2022; Keizer, OR


"The Martyrdom of the Saints: Continuing the budding tradition of

   classical music from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day


   Music Research Seminar Series; March, 2019; University of Aberdeen


"Ezekiel, Son of Man: A new oratorio for choir, trumpet, and

   percussion by Dr. David Taylor"

   MMus Research Project; August 2016; University of Aberdeen

Transcriptions and Orchestrations

Greater Love Hath No Man (arr. 2023, John Ireland) - Symphonic

   Band accompaniment

How Wondrous and Great (2021, Nori Brower) - Jazz Big Band

Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise (2015, Anonymous, arr Randall

   Kempton) - Symphony orchestra accompaniment

Sing Praise to Him (2015, Bohemian Brethren's Songbook, arr

   Randall Kempton) - Symphony orchestra accompaniment

Abide with Me (2015, William H Honk, arr Randall Kempton) -

   Symphony orchestra

I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go (2014, Carrie E Rounsefell, arr

   Randall Kempton) - Symphony orchestra

The Dying Soldier (2013, Trad American, arr Mack Wilberg and

   Nigel Short) - Wind band
Arise, Thy Light Has Come (2012, David Danner) - Symphony

   orchestra, brass quintet

Angel's Gloria (2012, Eda Ashby) - Symphony orchestra

America the Beautiful (2012, Samuel A Ward, arr Benjamin Harlan

   and Jason Waggoner) - Concert band

Winter Wind (2006, Jon Schmidt) - Wind band


University of Limerick Ceremonial Music Composition Competition

   Piece selected as the official music for graduating ceremonies at the University of 


   As an tSionainn (2019)


Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity Choral Arts Program

   Composer in Residence, 2019


New Music for Young Musicians (NM4YM) Composition Competition.

   Winner, 2017

   Glacier Peaks (2014)


Research and Creative Works Conference, Brigham Young University-Idaho.

   Winner, 2014

   Mass for the Last Days (2013)


Opera Scenes Composition Competition, Brigham Young University-Idaho.

   Selected for Performance, 2013

   Perfection of the Life (2013)

Art Song Composition Competition, Brigham Young University-Idaho, 2012.

   Anthem for Doomed Youth (2012) - Winner

   Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Too (2012) - Audience Favorite

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