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Musical Progression Podcast


How does a musician get from point "A" to point professional? In Musical Progression I ask professionals who have "made it" just that question. It turns out that there are infinite paths to follow in order to become a fully evolved professional musician, and NONE of them are a straight line. 

Join me as I interview artists of all backgrounds and career choices and we discuss the ins and outs of the job and what it takes to get to where they are. The first batch of interviews is on their way. Guests to include (in no particular order):

  • Brandon Waddles, composer and conductor

  • Allison Vest, collaborative artist and entrepreneur

  • Keisha Peterson, performer and educator

  • Michael Zaugg, conductor and clinician

  • Tarik O'Regan, composer

  • Dave Zabriskie, composer and publisher

  • Phillip Cooke, university departmental head of music and composer

  • Thomas Lavoy, composer

  • Sarah Rimkus, composer and educator

  • David Smith, musicologist, performer, and university departmental head of music

  • Mark Singleton, conductor

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