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6 May, 2019

Music Written: 15" full, all melody no. 1 - Song no. 2: Hymn from Wordless Voices

Listening: Caroline Shaw - Partita for 8 Voices, 1) Allemande, 3) Courante

As usual I had the best of intentions at the beginning of the day, but newborn babies tend to force your schedule to be flexible.

I spent most of my day procrastinating like a dufus. But the last hour was productive in that I wrote the full melody of the second of my Wordless Voices choral pieces. The first one, Chant, was written while I was in Banff, Canada, and was dedicated to Korre Foster, one of the resident conductors in that same programme. I've planned five separate songs for this collection, each one dedicated to one of the five conductors I befriended there. This second one is going to Laura Hawley, who conducted the North American premiere of my Ecce Sacerdos Magnus in a performance as close to perfect as they come.

That's Laura on the left.

Song no. 2: Hymn introduces a new hymn tune I've written in the old American folk style. After the initial singing of the standard 4-part tune, I'll develop it with playful rhythms and some solo counterpoint. As this is wordless, and is a hymn, the sounds the choir will sing will be traditional and sweet, mainly hums, oo's, ah's, and oh's.

Not a whole lot written in total, but I'm at a great stopping point, meaning I'm forced to stop early and I want to write more, but it's time to go home.

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